Characters in Characters


Characters in Characters

Every decade has its own style, personality and icons. I decided to combine these three elements of pinnacle decades to create a series of posters that explore both type and fame.

1950s: Clarendon and James Dean

Though Clarendon was created in 1845 and made popular by the Industrial Revolution because of its bold, slab serifs, its modern form wasn't incarnated until the 1950s. Commonly used on "Wanted" posters, Clarendon has a strong association with the "Wild West" making it the perfect typeface for America's favorite bad boy.


1960s: Didot and Twiggy

Originally created in 1789, Didot can be described as one thing: timeless. Used on the cover of Vogue, Didot is elegant and refined and the same can be said about the model.


1970s: Avant Garde and David Bowie

Created in 1974, Avant Garde came into the spotlight just shortly after David Bowie. With its bold, geometric letterforms and future looking style, Avant Garde has become somewhat of a legend just like the man himself.