Impossible Foods




Veggie lovers! Meat lovers! Let’s end the debate about who’s right or wrong about good ol’ red. Tweet an apology with #squashthebeef to make peace with your former food rival and for each tweet, we’ll donate a piece of our profit to Peace Direct. On World Peace Day, we’ll send food trucks to the top 5 cities with most apologies. State by state, burger by burger, we come in peace.

Times have changed. So has the meat section. In other words, a bloody good spot to raise awareness about #squashthebeef and let people know there’s a new burger in town.



To prove that the impossible burger is a juicy conflict solver, we’re placing a food truck in the cities  with the most apologies from #squashthebeef. The truck will work as a white flag on wheels serving something both parties can indulge in with pride.


CW: Hampus Elfstrom